LSD-Laced Walmart Steak Hospitalizes Family

Florida family’s steak was dosed with acid
Wikimedia/Katrin Morenz

A family of four in Florida was hospitalized this week when the steaks they bought from Walmart turned out to be laced with LSD.

A family in Florida got an unexpected surprise this week when the steak they cooked turned out to have been mysteriously laced with LSD, sending everyone in the family to the hospital with hallucinations.

According to ABC, the family of four purchased bottom round steaks from their local Walmart and cooked them for dinner Monday night. Not long after eating, 24-year-old Ronnie Morales became seriously ill with mysterious side effects including a rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing, and hallucinations. His girlfriend, Jessica Rosado — who was nine months pregnant — quickly drove him to a Tampa hospital. Not long after that, however, Rosado also became ill and was rushed to a nearby women’s hospital to have labor induced.

Shortly after that, Rosado’s two young daughters started showing the same symptoms.

Police were called in to investigate and said the family “consumed bottom round steak contaminated with LSD.” Where exactly the LSD came from is still a mystery, as Tampa police chief Jane Castor said there’s no indication that Morales and Rosado were involved. The Walmart meat comes prepackaged and is not handled by store employees, but the store handed over all the bottom round steak on their shelves for additional testing. 


Morales and the girls were treated and released Wednesday. Rosado and the new baby were both judged to be in good health and sent home Thursday.