Cafe Fries Doughnuts in Detergent Instead of Oil

A popular Japanese cafe chain apologized for its soap-soaked doughnuts


A Japanese cafe chain apologized this week after it turned out customers had accidentally bought doughnuts cooked in detergent instead of oil.

Detergent and cooking oil are not exactly interchangeable, but a bizarre kitchen mishap led to an official recall and apology from a Japanese cafe chain this week after someone accidentally fried the doughnuts in cleaner.

According to Rocket News 24, the Afternoon Tea TEAROOM chain officially sent out an apology and asked customers at one outlet at the Sendai City shopping mall to return any fried goods purchased, because someone had accidentally dumped a container of detergent into the frier and not noticed the mistake until the doughnuts were on the shelves.

The mistake was caught when about 10 or so customers started complaining of numbness in the tongue after eating the chain’s doughnuts or croquettes.


It looks like an employee set a small container of detergent next to the frier, and another employee mistakenly added it, thinking it was cooking oil. Fortunately, it does not sound like anyone was seriously injured by the soapy doughnuts.