Italian Man Caught In Daylight Gourmet Heist

A 64-year-old man from Emilia-Romagna was arrested yesterday for filling a grocery cart with high-end salami and cheese, then making a break for it.

Emilia-Romagna is particularly renowned for its luxury cuisine, with high-end products like prosciutto and Parmesan among its more famous regional specialties. The man made sure to target the good stuff on his luxury shopping spree. 

According to The Local, the man stole 30 slabs of cheese, eight cuts of prosciutto, and 13 salami from a shop near Bologna. He filled his shopping cart up to the brim, then simply ran off with it in broad daylight.

Since everyone at the market saw him run off with his cart full of luxury meats and cheese, the police arrived shortly after the incident and had no trouble catching up with the salami thief. The man told police he'd stolen the food because he was unemployed, but police say his cart full of high-end food was worth €693, or $934.

Police made the man return the stolen salami to the grocery store, then arrested him for aggravated robbery.