Adds Laundry Service

Food delivery expands into drycleaning and laundry
Wikimedia/GreyGeezer is adding a laundry service to its offerings, so its customers might never have to leave their Netflix queues again. already took care of food, groceries, wine, and spirits without its customers having to leave their houses. Now it looks like there’s even less reason for people to put on pants and leave their Netflix queues, because the delivery service is going to take care of their laundry as well.

“You already rely on us to get food, groceries, wine and liquor,” the company said in an email. “And now we’re delivering more of the neighborhood by checking laundry and dry cleaning off your to-do list.”

Current users in New York can log into the company’s laundry portal with their usual login information. There, they’ll be able to select a local dry cleaner from the site, which offers reviews and user-generated ratings.

Depending on the options offered by the cleaners, a user could choose dry cleaning, wash and fold, and even tailoring services like hemming and button reattachment. Then he or she just schedules pickup and delivery times, and someone else takes care of the laundry. 

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To get people to try the new service, is offering a 20-percent discount on the next order, and the first 1,000 people to sign up to try the laundry service will get a free laundry bag.