Man Dies After Mistaking Crystal Meth For Health Drink

A British man died after accidentally consuming an enormous amount of crystal meth

Crystal meth is most famous in its crystal form, but it is sometimes shipped as a liquid that looks like a beverage.

Crystal meth is most famous as a drug that comes in chunks that look like crushed rock candy, but it is sometimes smuggled in liquid form in bottles of what look like harmless beverages. A British man died after mistaking a bottle for fruit juice and drinking an enormous overdose.

According to The Huffington Post, the bottle was mailed to Katee Dias in Cambridgeshire, England, three years ago. The package came with her correct address but the wrong name on it, and she kept it, assuming someone would come for it. After a few months she opened it and found a sealed bottle of what looked like fruit juice and was labeled as a health drink, but she still hung onto that. A long time later she gave it to her father, 55-year-old Romano Dias, and he drank half a glass of it before he stopped and complained of the taste and a burning in his throat.

"I am in trouble here," he said. "I am dying. I am dead."

The bottle turned out to have been filled with $54,000 worth of pure methamphetamine, police said. They believe it was intended to go to a drug dealer, but the package was delivered years ago and the wrapping was discarded, so the police do not have much to investigate.

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"This is a dreadful case," said coroner William Morris, who ruled the death had been an accident and not an unlawful killing.