Customer Wins Suit Against Domino’s Over Missing Pizza

A man’s pizza never arrived, and now the chain owes him $1,200
Domino's in NSW

Wikimedia/Maksym Kozlenko

An Australian man was awarded $1,200 after he sued Domino's for a pizza that never showed up.

A missing pizza is an annoyance, but not one so big that most people would be willing to go to court over it. One Australian man did, though, and this week he was awarded $1,200 after suing Domino’s for a pizza that never showed up.

According to 9 News, last year personal injury and worker’s compensation lawyer Tim Driscoll ordered three pizzas, two garlic breads, and two Cokes from Domino’s, but they never arrived. Driscoll reportedly called the restaurant after an hour, and the manager apologized for the delay and offered him a refund. Driscoll was reportedly OK with just getting a refund for his missing order, for which he had paid $37.35. But then the refund never came, either.

Driscoll said that after a year of trying to get his refund, he finally got annoyed enough to take the issue to court. At first he was looking for $9,000 compensation to teach the chain a lesson after he was allegedly “fobbed off” for a year, but yesterday Driscoll went before a judge to make his case. Domino’s reportedly did not show up, and the judge ruled that the chain had to pay $1,203 to cover both the $37.35 order, and Driscoll’s legal fees.

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Domino’s is reportedly considering appealing the decision.