Arby’s Brings Deer Meat Sandwiches to New York

Arby’s opened a new New York restaurant and brought venison to celebrate

Arby's is celebrating its second New York restaurant by bringing in some of the venison steak sandwiches that have been selling out in other locations.

Earlier this year Arby’s introduced venison steak sandwiches as a limited-time offering in certain markets, and the venison sandwiches have been wildly popular. Now Arby’s is bringing them to New York.

This week Arby’s opened its second restaurant in New York, and the company decided to celebrate and promote the new location by bringing in some of the very in-demand venison sandwiches. Those sandwiches were only available in a very small number and in a limited number of markets where deer hunting is particularly popular. In some of those places all the Arby’s venison sandwiches sold out in just 15 minutes.

Arby’s venison steak sandwiches are made from farmed, free-range deer meat, and it’s served topped with crispy onions and a sweet berry sauce on a toasted roll.


The venison steak sandwiches will go on sale at the New York Arby’s at 32 East 23rd Street at 9 a.m. on Saturday, March 4. They’ve sold out quickly in the past, and it’s reasonable to assume they’ll do so again.