955 Hot Dogs Fall From the Sky

American Coney Island restaurants celebrates 95 years by dropping hot dogs from a helicopter

Hot dogs drop from a helicopter

It’s raining cats and dogs. Wait… just hot dogs.

Detroit’s iconic American Coney Island restaurant celebrated its 95th anniversary by dropping 955 hotdogs from a helicopter Wednesday morning, according to The Detroit News

The uncooked Dearborn Sausage Co. hot dogs fell from the sky onto the HYPE (Helping Youth Progress and Excel) Athletic Facilities soccer field, while spectators watched.

"We've been at the same location for the past 95 years," said Grace Keros, the restaurant’s third-generation owner. "We don't know if we opened up exactly on today 95 years ago, but it was around this time in May."

The restaurant also sold its signature hot dogs for 95 cents during lunch in honor of the anniversary.

A radio station, (WKQI-FM) 95.5's Mojo in the Morning show, was there to fuel the festivities, hosting a game with prizes. 

Mojo in the Morning chose 95 listeners to attend the event, and chose 25 contestants to compete to stuff as many of the hot dogs as possible into their clothing. 

The winner, Sylvia Lopez, stuffed 76 dogs into her shirt, winning $1,000 worth of gas money from Mojo and a year’s supply of hotdogs from American Coney Island. 

“I love hot dogs,” Lopez, 37, said, “but I have to admit that right now my hands smell kind of rank."

The almost 1,000 hotdogs did not go to waste. The Detroit Dog Rescue Organization (as in, canines!) collected the hotdogs to cook and give to dogs around the city.

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