The 9 Worst Cocktails in History

Cocktail experts bash history's nastiest drinks, and tell us why we should never make them

The resurgence of craft cocktails is kicking and swinging, thanks to the many bars across the country that are recreating drinks from years past. The movement has brought back some delicious classics — the Manhattan, for starters — but also some terrible oddities that a normal drinker could never stomach.

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At this year’s Manhattan Cocktail Classic, renowned mixologists and historians — Philip Duff, David Wondrich, Angus Winchester, Steve Olson, Audrey Saunders, John Frizell, and legendary Dale DeGroff — bemused the worst possible drinks that the craft cocktail movement has brought back to life. Or, as they say, should not be resuscitated from the dead.

Some are terribly old, and weird— we're sure the Bath Cure and the Snowball have slowly faded into obscurity (we hope) — and others are controversial, i.e. The Pickle Back. The French Martini raised disgust from all ends of the spectrum, with Saunders claiming she judges anyone for ordering one at her bar, Pegu Club.

And while one food writer, Charles H. Baker, left his indelible mark on gross drinks, so has legendary writer Ernest Hemingway. They are, as the panelists called them, the "axis of evil mixology."

No matter what, we sure won't be ordering these at the bar anytime soon.  For a sampling of the worst cocktails that should remain in history books, click ahead.