9 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

Try these vegetarian recipes for Thanksgiving this year

This pumpkin risotto is a creamy alternative for a Thanksgiving main course.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is essentially centered on food — and the most iconic part of the holiday feast is the turkey. But what do you do when you are a vegetarian? Is it possible to enjoy the flavors of Thanksgiving and get the satisfaction of eating a great meal without the turkey? This is a dilemma each year for many vegetarians — and this year we have the recipes for a completely meat-free menu.

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The Cook editors at The Daily Meal want to ensure that everyone will have a tasty Thanksgiving — with or without the turkey. We gathered a few vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes that include everything from the main course to sides and dessert. We’ve even got the gravy covered — completely meat-free. It just takes a little ingenuity and a creative spirit to capture the flavors of Thanksgiving in vegetarian options.

For the main course we’ve opted to serve tofu roll-ups with stuffing and gravy wrapped inside. If your guests are not fans of tofu, we’ve created a secondary main course of pumpkin risotto, which is sure to be a Thanksgiving hit. Appetizers include stuffing-stuffed mushrooms and an autumn soup. There are also plenty of vegetable and potato sides that can easily be adapted for a vegetarian, but we’ve included a couple of our favorites.

For many, it’s important to keep Thanksgiving culinary traditions, even if you are a vegetarian. Try some of these recipes and let the flavors of autumn come through in some nontraditional dishes. Everyone deserves a delicious and festive meal — with our without the drumstick.



Emily Jacobs is the Recipe editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @EmilyRecipes.