9 Unhealthiest Store-Bought Cookies

The Christmas season isn't a time for counting calories and keeping a food journal. OK, well maybe it is actually the perfect time to do it, but who wants to? We are in our kitchens hosting all-day baking marathons, piling our crackers high with cheese, and indulging in countless tasty treats. And if you aren't a baker? You're likely to stock up on delicious store-bought snacks to help you get your holiday sweet-tooth fix, and that of course includes cookies.

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Cookies can be a particularly lethal holiday treat. Sweet, classic, and completely complementary to a wide array of holiday spreads, the chocolate chip cookie is probably the most accessible and most beloved treat you can indulge in. Fattened with butter and exploding with sweetness, though absolutely delicious, these are some of the most betraying desserts you can indulge in.

Chocolate chip cookies, whether they come from a box or from the oven, are rarely going to be good for you. But some of these boxed brands, albeit delicious, pack a particularly calorie-laden punch. To help you indulge smartly in holiday festivities, we pulled together classic chocolate chip cookie options found in the aisles of your average grocery store. Check out what we found on some of the unhealthiest cookies around!