9 Travel Apps Guide You To Destination's Best Eats

You know where to find the best coffee, cheesesteak, pizza, and cocktails in your city – but what about when you're on the road? God knows traveling can be loaded with the worst of the worst- old airport food, roadside fast-food, and continental breakfasts. Your newest foodie compass may be sitting in your pocket – your smart phone.

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Thanks to the influx of travel apps, new ones are pointing the way to hidden culinary secrets that you may never have known of. Whether suggesting new dishes to try (like MyCityCuisine), plan a food tour of the city you're in (with Rama Food), or record where you ate the best ramen / cupcake / falafel you've ever had (with Trip Journal), these apps only enhance the food you eat while exploring. You'll never be hungry on the road again.