9 Times Fast Food Chains Served Raw or Rotten Food

Always look before you bite…

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

You don't want to know what an Ohio man found in his Arby's sandwich.

They say that we eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths, and in certain cases that can come in handy, especially when the food you’re served is raw or rotten. Here are nine times chain fast food restaurants served customers food that they really shouldn’t have.

9 Times Fast Food Chains Served Raw or Rotten Food (Slideshow)

When we sit down at a restaurant (or drive through a drive-thru), we have certain expectations. We expect that service will be relatively prompt, and we expect that the food will be edible. Sometimes in pursuit of the former, however, the kitchen staff skips over the latter. And that can cause a problem, like, for example, E. coli.

It doesn’t happen frequently, but on occasion a person bites into a fried chicken sandwich from a major fast food chain and it’s completely raw inside. Other times, the bread or lettuce is moldy, or the chicken should have been thrown out days or weeks ago (why it always seems to be chicken we’re not sure). In most cases, the customer will complain to the manager, maybe snap a photo to upload somewhere on the internet, get a refund, and choose not to pursue anything further (except for prayers that illness doesn't ensue).

Occasionally, however, customers do get sick, and sometimes it’s a part of a much larger problem. Raw or rotten food can make its way onto your plate for a whole host of reasons, so always inspect your food before you bite into it, especially if you’re going to be giving it to your child. Read on to learn about 9 times that chains served customers raw or rotten food. 

2014: KFC

A woman who ordered two fried chicken sandwiches in San Diego discovered to her horror, after biting into one, that it was completely raw. The manager told her husband that the deep-fryers had broken down and the restaurant continued serving food as if everything was okay. The manager was reportedly fired soon after, but the chain denied that the firing had anything to do with serving raw chicken. 

2013: Burger King

A poster on a child-related message board posted a gross photo of a Burger King sandwich with a couple of bites taken out of it, with completely raw chicken inside. Apparently, her four year-old daughter ate some of the sandwich before complaining that it was “juicy.” The mother filed a complaint with the restaurant; no word on whether the child got sick.  

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