9 Things You Have to Do Before Summer Ends

Before fall arrives, make sure you get in these last-chance summer activities.

There is still time to enjoy the summer sun!

For those of you who live in a state with seasons, you can already feel that seemingly cosmic shift. The heat is slightly less oppressive, the sun is setting earlier, and your to-do list is growing. Students are moving into their dorm rooms and the Halloween decorations are already making their debut in department store displays. The summer is slowly starting to slip away.

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It's hard to imagine that we are already worried about our Labor Day. After all, wasn’t it only yesterday that you felt the weather just starting to get good enough for grilling? Yet here we are, about to take on another fall season, and you have a big problem. You let the season sneak right past you without getting to do some of your favorite warm-weather-only activities. The bike rides! The hikes! The rooftop parties! You’re suddenly left with a to-do list longer than you can handle. Don’t worry, though, this list isn’t one to stress over — there are plenty of ways you can make the most out of the end of the summer. 


After all, what is a summer without an outdoor party or lazy afternoon picnic? Whether it is the beach that is calling your name for one last visit or the chance to camp out under the stars, there are just some things you have to do before the summer ends. Take a peek at our list of summer must-do’s and start checking off that list!