9 Teas For Different Moods

It's common knowledge now that tea — green, white, oolong, etc. — can have a huge effect on your health, shown to prevent such ailments as cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease, and eye disease. But did you know that tea can also have a huge effect on your mood?

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Tea is chock-full of the essentials your body needs to stay healthy: vitamin C, antioxidants, polyphenols, and trace minerals. Certain teas and tisanes (an infusion of herbs), like chamomile, peppermint, rooibos, and other common flavors, can help alleviate nausea, boost the immune system, and refresh the body (with or without caffeine). But what many forget is that tea can help fight one very common disease: depression. Several studies indicate that tea can be a huge tool in fighting depression, thanks to its antioxidants. And who would have known that black tea can help with cognitive function? New studies show that drinking black tea can help you stay more alert, plus improve your working abilities.

Tea has many helpful side effects — it can boost creativity or productivity, help relax you, and even get you "in the mood." Jennie Ripps, founder of The Teaologist behind its specialized blends of teas, explains the positive benefits of tea for the mind as well. "Certain teas and tisanes can help calm the system, alleviate nausea, boost the immune system, and refresh the body with or without caffeine," she says. "In addition to these research-proven benefits, taking five minutes out of a busy day to make and sip tea can refresh, revive, and relax the mind as well as the body." Not to mention the ritual of tea time. "The act of taking time to sip a tea can help slow down a racing mind and can become a simple way to de-stress without losing focus," she says. Now we know what all those childhood tea parties were really for.

Ripps shared with The Daily Meal what kinds of teas and blends to try (including some Teaologist blends) depending on the kind of mood you want to be in — you might be surprised by what you learn.