9 Surprising Drinking Rituals Around the World

When it comes to drinking and getting belligerent, some countries have surprising customs

When picking up, pouring, and drinking an alcoholic drink in Korea and Japan, they use both hands because it’s bad manners to use just one.

In this country, we’re no strangers to drinking, and neither are countries around the world — so much so that drinking has become a ritualistic pastime. In fact, some drinking rituals may surprise you.

9 Surprising Drinking Rituals Around the World (Slideshow)

When traveling from country to country, you’ll likely to discover that each have their own customs — sometimes quirky — when it comes to drinking and getting belligerent.

Swedes will sing a drinking song before, during, and after each round of shots of aquavit, which are followed by a glass of beer. As the shots keep coming, the singing gets louder and more enthusiastic.

The Dutch style of drinking genever, a kind of flavored whiskey, is to do it by “head butting.” To do this, they pour chilled genever in a tulip glass until the drink reaches the very tip of the rim. Bending from the waist, they take a sip, then straighten up and follow with a sip of beer. The “head butt” is repeated until the drink is gone.

Russians have a habit of giving long, story-like toasts with a punch line. And when they’ve finished a drink, empty glasses go under the table, not on top.

Read on for more surprising drinking rituals you may have never heard of.

Australia — Shouting a Round of Beers

When grabbing “schooners” (beers) with mates, Aussies pass the baton of buying a round, which they call “shouting.” If you don’t step up and shout a round of schooners when it’s your turn, you may labeled a “tight ass” or a bludger,” neither which are nicknames you want to be called.

Croatia  Rajika for Medication and Digestion

Croatians drink Rajika, which is like moonshine, for more than social reasons. They also drink it to cure illnesses and as a digestive after a meal.

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