9 Record-Breaking Restaurants Slideshow


Largest Enchilada

Centenario 107

On Oct. 20 of this year, a handful of Mexican chefs banded together to create the World’s Largest Enchilada – clocking in 2,205 pounds, stuffed chicken and topped with salsa verde, according the Guinness World Records blog. Find one of the hard-working chefs at his restaurant in Mexico City, Centenario 107. Located in the charming neighborhood Coyoacan, the restaurant also has a lively bar scene.

Longest Line of Pizzas


The Italian restaurant Tamburino put the southwestern English town of Yeovil on the map with the line of 2,129 pizzas it created, measuring 1,563+ feet in length, according the Guinness World Book of Records. In addition to pizza, the full-service restaurant serves pasta, focaccia, calzones, risotto and more.

Largest Paella

Galbis Restaurante
According the Guinness Book of World Records, in 1992 Chef Antonio Galbis and his team served 100,000 people with their record-breaking paella. These days, Galbis runs a restaurant and hotel in Alcudia, Spain, and continues to put on paella demonstrations of enormous proportions through an events company, Paellas Gigantes.

Largest Omelet

Rixos Grand Ankara

It took 10 chefs and 110,000 eggs to help Executive Chef Süleyman Aşçıoğlu make the Guinness record-breaking omelet which ended up weighing nearly 10,000 pounds. Guests at the Rixos Grand Ankara in Turkey can sample the courageous chef’s egg dishes, albeit smaller versions, at the hotel’s two restaurants, Brasserie and Lalezar.

Largest Hamburger

Mallie’s Sports Grille & Bar

In May of 2009, Mallie’s broke its own record when it created a burger that was more than 20 pounds bigger than its 2008, 164-pound burger. Its walls covered in sports memorabilia, the Michigan restaurant seems like the typical sports bar, but it’s really more like a burger version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears --  choose between a mini burger, one-pound burger, nine-pound Jumbo, 10-pound Monster or the 150-pound Absolutely Ridiculous Burger ($499).

Largest Macaroni and Cheese

Lafitte's Landing Restaurant

Before Emeril there was John Folse. The original Cajun food authority, Folse’s company still operates Lafitte’s Landing Restaurant in Donaldsonville, La., along with an adjacent B&B in addition to his many other baked goods and media ventures. When it came time to create some good ole Southern cooking on a large scale, choosing Folse to man the stove was a no-brainer. In September of 2010, he beat a Guinness world record with a 2,469-pound steaming vat of mac’n’cheese.

Oldest Operating Restaurant

Casa Botín
Famous and famously overpriced, Casa Botín has the cache of a clientele that includes some of literature’s biggest figures like Hemingway and Graham Greene. Today, reviews of the restaurant’s Iberian specialties like roast suckling pig are mixed, but a granddaddy like this will probably last another 285 years.

Longest King Cake

Haydel’s Bakery

Another Louisiana institution, Haydel’s Bakery has three generations of experience baking king cakes. The nearly 7,000-foot-long cake circled the Superdome in New Orleans twice – no word on if thousands of tiny plastic babies went into the making of this Guinness record-holder. As it happens, you don’t even have to be in NOLA to taste history since you can order king cakes to be delivered to anywhere in the U.S

Most Expensive Hot Dog AND Sundae

Serendipity 3

Some call it a tourist trap, but New York City’s Serendipty, in its third iteration, is a true glutton’s heaven, whether the $69 hot dog or the $1000 sundae. What could make a $2 street food that expensive? According the Guinness World Records blog, the dog was cooked in white truffle oil, slathered in truffle butter and dressed in pricey condiments like foie gras and truffle mustard. That’s a lot of truffles.