9 Products from Trader Joe’s to Spice Up your Thanksgiving


Ah, Trader Joe’s. Maybe it’s the wooden-countered checkout stations, or rather the punny food labels (“a cranberry walks into a bar”) — whatever it is, there’s no doubt that Trader Joe’s is a trendy, unpretentious supermarket. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, Trader Joe’s offers a multitude of unconventional, seasonal products (don’t worry, you can still find your favorite pumpkin pie and roasted turkey).

Here are 9 things to try next time you go:

1. Ready-Made, Microwave-Friendly Thanksgiving Items

This selection will make your dorm room Friendsgiving easy and delicious.

Photo courtesy of withasideofhope.com

2. Stuffed Squash Turkey Pot Pie

It’s the perfect balance of sweet acorn squash and savory turkey meat — we sampled it about 6 times just to make sure.

Photo courtesy of Naib Mian

3.Turkey-Less Stuffed Roasts

For all the vegetarians out there. Nix that rubbery, brand name Tofurkey this year and try these instead. They’re microwave, oven-friendly and taste super juicy.

Photo by Naib Mian

4. Pumpkin Croissants

Start your Thanksgiving feast early with a pumpkin croissant for breakfast. The croissants rise and defrost overnight, so they are ready to bake by morning.  This helps make for that buttery, flakey, fresh taste that’s essential to an authentic croissant.

Photo by Niab Mian

5. Seasonal “Butters”

Pair your croissant (or dining hall white bread) with these seasonal butters to add more festivity to your plate.

Photo by Niab Mian

6. Pre-Made Mixes

These pre-made mixes ease the process of a dorm-life Thanksgiving. Eggs, oil and water are all you need to make these sweet treats.

Photo by Niab Mian

7. Trader Joe’s Ice Cream

Skip the $4.99 pint of Ben and Jerry’s at the C-store for a $3.99 quart of seasonal Trader Joe’s ice cream — a perfect pair for those treats you baked from #6.

Photo by Niab Mian

8. French Macarons

Bored of pumpkin pie/bread/lattes/the list goes on and on? Try a pumpkin-flavored French macaron instead.

Photo by Niab Mian

9. Sparkling Cranberry Juice

Top off your meal with this sweet, yet tart juice — a toast to a week of festive eating! Spiking (non-)optional

Photo by Niab Mian

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