10 Outrageous Candy Cane Flavors

Whatever happened to keeping with tradition? It seems as if we've forgotten all about that when it comes to candy canes.

10 Outrageous Candy Cane Flavors (Slideshow)

We thought candy canes were the epitome of Christmas candy, but these flavors speak differently. We tracked down nine completely bizarre candy cane flavors, from Sriracha to bacon.

The classic flavors of peppermint and wintergreen have transformed into ridiculously wild flavors of siracha, gravy, birthday cake, and more. And they definitely don't taste in any way close to what we look for as the flavors of Christmas or winter.

The candy cane was invented back in the 17th century as special decorations for Christmas trees. The candy had no flavoring or stripes, something hard to imagine now! Then in the early 1900s,  the familiarstripes and flavors of peppermint and wintergreen were added. There is a belief that the shape of the candy cane is to represent Jesus because when you hold it upside the letter "J" is formed.

Not only have we grown from using these strictly as Christmas tree decorations, we've put them in our Christmas stockings, crumbled them up as cake toppers and peppermint bark, and added them to our drinks.

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