9 Deluxe Villas with Private Chefs

Beautiful villas around the world that come with private chefs

Villa Orpheys, Mykonos

Some people feel that encountering anything too plush or convenient while traveling is for the lazy and unadventurous. Returning home without a new scar or story of accidentally eating something potentially fatal seems to them like a waste of a trip. But like many staid positions, this can often come from never having tried the alternative.

We aren’t talking about an all-inclusive resort somewhere. We are thinking bigger; we’re thinking about villas, fully staffed to attend your every need. Around the world there are gorgeous villas, often with awe-inspiring views and private beach access that inspire less white-knuckle adventure and more white-glove service.

Offering comfort and convenience far from home, villas like the Kadju House in Sri Lanka or Azura Retreat’s Presidential Villa in Mozambique can calm the worries of any nervous traveler. That said, staying in Hawaii’s Bali Hale villa or the California Dreamin’ estate in Sonoma can inspire a new level of luxury not too far from home. And when it comes to sampling local Mexican fare, what better way to become immersed than to pick your chef’s brain in Nido de Amor’s gorgeous kitchen?

Consider the way you think of “daily life” changed forever.


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