9 Local Bites of Central Europe

Get a taste of the best local eats in Central Europe

Cheese Fondue at Café du Soleil.

We think that one of the very best ways to experience a new culture is by sampling its cuisine.

When we travel, we always make sure to get an authentic taste of the local delicacies. To help you do the same, we’ve compiled a list of Central Europe’s most famous and popular specialties. We’ve also included some parts of Eastern and Southeastern Europe, as well as Russia, to give you a flavor for this diverse but interconnected regional cuisine.

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While France and Italy get a lot of the attention as famously great food cultures, there are many amazing dishes well worth sampling all across Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in Russia. 

Although many types of food and ingredients carry over throughout this region of world cuisine, each country and city has a unique take on dishes ranging from dumplings to soup. Check out our list of the best cuisine around this part of Europe.


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