9 Green Drinks For St. Patrick's Day

Call this a slight intervention, you St. Paddy's Day revelers — put down the green beer. We know, you can't help pouring another pint of the green, foamy drink. We know that it has something to do with the history of St. Patrick himself. (Some say that the green beer may stem from an old Irish saying, "drowning the shamrock.") We get it. But we also know, thanks to some new research, that green beer actually But we also think there are even more tasty green drinks that you can imbibe this St. Patrick's Day that aren't light beers disguised with green food coloring. 

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There's more than one way to turn your St. Paddy's Day drinks green: either with the spirits, or with the ingredients. You'll find that an absinthe cocktail is one easy way to drink green (and so soon after National Absinthe Day), and no one can deny the color of Midori in a cocktail. But really, the number of popular green cocktails is outstanding. Choose from  mojitos, mint juleps, minty cocktails, and even some outrageous margaritas made with green fruits and vegetables (avocado and cilantro), and you've got your St. Paddy's day cocktail menu made. 

Click through to find some festive green drinks for your St. Paddy's Day celebrations — trust us, the mojito jelly shot is one you definitely need for your parties. We promise, you won't be missing the green beer.