9 Funniest Birthday Cake Pranks

Everyone feels special on their birthday. It is the one day of the year when the focus is solely on you. You're treated to presents, cards, and of course, cake. For those that love food, the cake may even be the best part. Usually, the birthday honoree is graced with their favorite cake and frosting, embellished with a sweet message to make them feel as special as they are. And then there are those spared no mercy.

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Just because it is your birthday, it doesn't mean you are safe. Family and friends will absolutely take advantage of your vulnerability and get you with a harmless, funny prank. This is especially true for anyone being presented with a birthday cake. This tasty, sweet confection can serve as a devious vessel to help tricksters pull off the perfect prank. 

These sneaky pranksters have done everything from smashing a cake in an unsuspecting birthday person's face to making the birthday cake explode. There were even some folks who discovered that their treat wasn't even a cake at all!

We found nine hilarious clips involving birthday cake pranks that will make you suspicious on every birthday from here on out. Whether it helps you keep your guard up, aids you in pulling off a prank yourself, or simply gives you a fit of the giggles, check out some of the best birthday cake pranks ever!