9 Funniest Birthday Cake Pranks (Slideshow)

In Your Face

The poor unsuspecting folk think they are just sampling a birthday cake. What they don't know is that they are actually digging in to a hidden person's face! We love the reactions in this video, though we are curious... didn't they get the hint when they saw the nose and eyes?

Ballooning Birthday

Every birthday has a cake and balloons... but not necessarily together. On the popular YouTube channel "PrankvsPrank," this loving couple has fun together by taping some of their craziest tricks. One of our favorite pranks is when a balloon filled with flour is place in the middle of the cake. When the birthday boy goes to cute it, a poof of flour pops right in his face.

Surprise Cake

Warned not to touch the cake all day, this little kid was more than antsy to blow out his candles. But when he went to cut his birthday treat, he discovered it was only a frosted cardboard box! It took him a while to figure out what was really inside...

Bottoms Up

This family must not like their son very much! They told the poor kid he was digging into an ice cream cake only to discover something a little weirder inside. 

Cake Hat

In an ultimate feat of deception, there were two birthday cakes purchased. One was this birthday boy's favorite cake. The other? A single layer chocolate frosted cake his girlfriend thought was fit to smash on his head, hours after the little celebration to catch him completely off guard.

Exploding Cake

There is nothing quite like pulling a prank off on your co-worker. For poor Dave's birthday, they make it all the way through his Happy Birthday song and BOOM! The cake explodes into a mushroom cloud of icing and batter.

Give Them a Hand

Taking inspiration from the Jackass crew, these co-workers are planning on really getting their friend for his 40th birthday. After the birthday boy is given his cake, a co-worker takes a huge Styrofoam hand and wails his birthday cake into his face as he is pelted with flour. 

Drive Through

As fast food workers unsuspectingly take orders, this carload of pranking teens decided to wish everyone a happy birthday by passing out cupcakes and singing to every worker they encountered. 


So this poor guy is delivering the birthday cake to the guest-of-honor when suddenly he is down! We are talking a full-on, slow-motion fall that splatters birthday cake everywhere.