9 Funky Spirits

Liven up your cocktails with some bizarre booze

Living in New York City, a thriving and fortunately boozy metropolis, I am very curious about the cocktail and spirit revival that has been taking place over the past couple of years. It’s as if all of a sudden people realized that there is more to drinking than just getting drunk! Not only that, there is also a lot more time and dedication being put into even the most classic of cocktails, which is truly heart-warming. While long overdue, this revelation has been a saving grace for the bar scene not only in this city, but all across the country.

So what kind of twists and turns are cocktails enduring in this renaissance? First, bartenders are taking classic cocktails and riffing on them by using funky and interesting spirits. From there, they are coming up with recipes based on the flavor profiles of these "funky" spirits, making an entirely new collection of cocktails for all kinds of drinkers to enjoy.

Getting your hands on any of these unique spirits will definitely be a step in the right direction if you are trying to amp up your bar at home. From spirits infused with flowers to liquor that tastes like drinking an actual piece of meat, there are a multitude of spirits available on the market today that will seriously liven your cocktail drinking experiences.

Here is my collection of funky spirits that I have come across lately. Some are good, some are great, and some are just plain kooky. Consider this an important lesson in what should be your constant spirit education!

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— Sara Kay, The Spir.it