9 Fun Rainy Day Entertaining Ideas

Rain, rain, go away. Seriously, we're so over you.

Make A Rainy Day A Fun-Filled One at Home!

These days, dressing for the insanely unpredictable weather is like playing a game of roulette — your guess for an appropriate outfit is as good as the next guy's. Who are we to complain, though, with summer right around the corner.

As we look forward to the endless days of sun and fun ahead, let's not let these rainy days get us down.Even though we can't picnic in the park or dine alfresco when it's pouring, there are plenty of things to do.

Whether you're alone, with your better half, or with your kids, we've rounded up a few clever and trusty ideas for what do to when the weather forces you to stay indoors — other than daydream about the beach, of course. 

So, instead of braving the storm and heading outside, why not weather it inside with these great ideas. If you have even better ideas than we do, we'd love to hear them! Tweet at us @thedailymeal.