9 Foods With More Calories Than You Think

We all know that certain foods have more calories than others. It's pretty obvious: if it's covered in a sheen of oil, it's most likely full of calories. But certain foods might not appear to be as caloric as they are, and the main culprit is serving size. We tracked down nine foods that might surprise you with the amount of calories that they're hiding.

9 Foods with More Calories than You Think (Slideshow)

Two major culprits when it comes to packing in the calories are sugar and oil. The sweeter or greasier a food is, the higher the calorie count. And it doesn't take much to tip the scales: a tablespoon of canola oil contains 124 calories, and the same amount of sugar (about 12 grams) contains 45 calories. Those are quantities that are acceptable by most people's definitions, but the amount of sugar that goes into one smoothie, for example, can be jaw-dropping.

It's good to keep in mind that unless you're on a super-strict diet, a little bit of just about anything is okay. But there a lot of foods out there that we eat much more of than we should in one sitting, and the calories can really add up.

Even a small amount of these foods can contain more calories than you think, so use discretion. Several of these have a reputation for being healthy as well, but that's not always the case once you exceed the serving size portion. So while we're not saying that these foods are unhealthy by default, they simply contain more calories than you probably realize. The best way to avoid going overboard? Stick to the serving size, and if you're dining out, watch the portion size.

Read on to learn which 9 foods contain more calories than you think.