9 Food Escapes In Popular Vacation Spots

Sun-drenched tropical getaway or ski trip in the snow-kissed mountains, experiencing the local cuisine is something that we always look forward to. An all-inclusive resort can be tempting because it promises unlimited food and drinks at a discounted price, and when the day's biggest chore is choosing a chaise lounge, a resort like this seems like the perfect choice for maximum relaxation.

On the flip side, all that blissful laziness comes at a price. More often than not, the food at all-inclusives — or most resorts for that matter — tends to be less than ideal and quickly becomes repetitive. Instead of tasting local ingredients and flavors, you end up with soggy lettuce and watered-down drinks.

A great meal can make a vacation, just as a week of bad meals can break it. So to ensure that you have at least one amazing food experience during your trip, we've rounded up some local, off-the-beaten path restaurants and food stops to visit when you need to escape from your resort.

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