9 Drinks Made Just for the Ladies

Beverages that aim to deliver what women want

Cheers, ladies, looks like this next round is on you.

According to statistics recently reported in the LA Times, the number of women ordering drinks is on the rise — in 2010, the amount of alcohol being served to women in restaurants was up by three percent. And what's more, one consulting group found that that 65 to 70 percent of the alcohol purchasing decisions for at-home consumption are made by women. 

So no wonder there are so many beverage companies — liquor brands, breweries, winemakers — clamoring for women's attention.

Take a quick look around the beverage market today and you'll find no shortage of products specifically designed and marketed to attract female buyers. Their strategy? Many, it seems, have gone for the obvious angle: health and waistline-friendly. Take, Animée, for example. This new flavored beer from UK brewing bigwig Molson Coors aims to attract women drinkers by touting itself as being "less gassy and lighter tasting." Or how about the popular Skinnygirl Margarita brand? The ready-to-drink cocktail keeps low-cal by using agave syrup as a sweetener.

Let us also not forget the pretty packaging route — drinks like Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur which go for the hot pink and black color scheme and girls' night out-themed ad campaign in fashion magazines. And outside the realm of alcoholic beverages, there are even energy drinks like Rockstar rebranding themselves to appeal to a female demographic. Their attempt involves a smaller, bright pink can that comes complete with a straw (naturally). Perhaps more clever, though, are those that interject a little ladies-only inside jokes. Glass of Mommy's Time Out wine, anyone? 

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