9 Disney-Inspired Snacks for Kids

Disney-inspired foods that will get your little character to eat better!

Don't say "Boo!" to making these cute Disney treats for your tots.

Disney characters never fail to be your kiddo’s favorites. So what better way to get them to eat right then by preparing healthy snacks inspired by your little one’s favorite Disney movies and heroes?

Monsters Inc. Mike Wazowski Quesadilla

You won’t need to keep an eye on your kiddo to make sure his snack gets eaten. Use spinach tortillas to give the usual kid-favorite the right green color for a tasty Mike Wasowski quesadilla.

Oh boy, a Mickey Mouse lunch!

For a picky Mickey who doesn’t like his food to touch, this muffin tin lunch is a perfect idea! You’ll need to invest in a Mickey Mouse cookie-cutter to cut the sandwich and some red silicone muffin cup liners (to match Mickey’s pants, of course). It’s a worthwhile investment. After all, once you fill those liners with candies the color of the famous mouse’s buttons and make your child’s favorite sandwich, even your picky Mickey can’t complain about eating the Mickey Mouse colored fruits and veggies!

“Up” and eat ‘em!

This snack inspired by Disney’s movie “Up” is almost too cute to eat and looks like a lot of fun to make. You probably have everything you need around the kitchen already. According to Amy at Creative Kid Snacks, all she needed was some string cheese, rectangular crackers (and a triangle one to make the roof), and a variety of colorful fruits.

Minnie’s Bow Bites

Minnie Mouse is one of the most endearing characters in Disney’s lineup. And this easy-to-make snack inspired by Mickey Mouse’s better half is just as sweet as she is. All you need are strawberries, blueberries, and toothpicks.

Simba Humus Platter

“Hakuna Matata!” Take pride in serving your child a healthy and fun treat with this Simba-inspired hummus plate. Picky preschoolers will love eating their veggies when they’re paired with tasty hummus, and resemble their favorite lion, Simba.

Even Captain Jack Sparrow had to eat lunch!

This Pirates of the Caribbean-themed lunch is bound to make even the most hard-hearted pirate smile. While this sandwich is made with multi-grain rounds, if that’s too much like hardtack for your mate, try making a sandwich on an English muffin. Whichever way you go, top it off with a round of white cheese covered with a cheddar bandanna (patch optional.) Add some grape or blueberries speared on sword-shaped toothpicks, bananas or carrots cut into coins, and you’ve made a treasure of a meal.

A meal fit for a Disney princess!

Whether your little one dreams of being Belle, Sleeping Beauty, or Cinderella, this is a meal worthy of the crown. If you’re a brave hero, you can take on cutting sandwiches in the shape of a crown and fruit in the shape of glass slippers and flowers. Or, you can simply invest in a few good cookie cutters. With a few festive muffin tin liners (stars would work just as well as hearts), you can separate your princess’ luscious finger foods so they don’t mingle with the main course.

Have breakfast under the sea like “The Little Mermaid!”

This appetizing and healthy meal is likely to appeal to even the crabbiest morning people in your family. Put your favorite topping on a bagel, cut in in half, and use one semi-circle to make Sebastian the crab’s body. Then quarter the other half and cut little triangles out of the top to make his claws. Garnish the bottom of the plate with a blueberry ocean, adding a few other sea creature-shaped fruits and some fish crackers to swim around and your little one is ready to eat like the fishes!

Tigger Tails

A sweet copycat of the Winnie the Phood treats that are actually sold at Disney World. These yummy snacks can be made with marshmallows on a stick, dipped in caramel, then covered in candy melts.

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