9 Best Chip Flavors You’ve Never Heard Of

TDM ranks 9 crazy chip flavors from around the world

Caviar Lays

Sour cream and onion, sea salt and vinegar, or barbecue? Everyone has their guilty pleasures when it comes to chip flavors, but what about when they taste like caviar, mushroom dip, or even garlic prawns? The choice might not be as clear.

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That’s why The Daily Meal set out to demystify some of the craziest chip flavors from around the globe. From seaweed-flavored Lays to bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich-flavored chips, we blindly — and bravely — tried them all. The tasters rated each for quality and guessed its flavor in order to gauge how true the chips were to their purported taste.

Flavor Country Ranking
Cheese and Grilled Chili Lays Thailand 77%
Artesancis Natural Olive Oil Lays Spain 76.5%
BLT Lays U.S.A. 72.5%
Nori Seaweed Lays Thailand 67%
Caviar Lays Russia 62%
Mushroom Lays Russia 61%
Grilled Chicken Elma Chips Brazil 55%
Crab Lays Russia 54%
Garlic Prawn Lays Spain 52%

Not every flavor fared well when it came to the taste test — the Caviar Lays, sold in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, provoked flavor guesses like "butter popcorn" and "Parmesan." Another low-scorer, Grilled Chicken-flavored Sensações, made by Elma Chips of Brazil, tasted like "mayo" and "fish."

Others, like the BLT Lays from the U.S. and crab-flavored Lays from Russia, tasted like what they claimed to be, to a degree of accuracy that was almost startling.

Do you know of any outrageously flavored chips that didn’t make this taste test? Leave a comment below with your tips, or submit your own tasting notes.