8,000-Calorie 'Strasburger' Weighs 8 Pounds

Washington Nationals Stephen Strasburg gets a burger named after him, of course

Linsanity may be waning (and thus all the Lin puns, thank God), but as usual, sports-themed food items are still popping up.

This time around, Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg has inspired an aptly-named "Strasburger," an 8-pound monstrosity, available at Red Porch in Nationals Park.

The burger, according to Washington Post, is an "all beef burger (combination of ground brisket, chuck, and short ribs)... on a large burger bun with our secret sauce, American cheese, shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced red onions, pickle chips, and served with a cone basket of fresh cut fries and a pitcher of your choice of soft drink."

NBC got a nutritionist to crunch the numbers, and it turns out that the Nats' Strasburger is at least 8,000 calories, with 600 to 700 grams of fat, 200 to 300 grams of saturated fat, and 2,500 to 3,000 milligrams of sodium. Sure, Nationals Park suggests splitting it between an entire family, but even divided in four the burger is at least 2,000 calories a serving.

The 8-pounder isn't the only Strasburger to grace menus; last year Glory Days Grill had a Strasburger with guacamole, red peppers, and pepper jack cheese. The Burger Joint's rendition placed a hot dog on a hamburger bun, topped with Cheddar cheese and 14 pickles. And Tortilla Coast's Strasburger had two honey-glazed patties, fried onions, and jack cheese.

Perhaps Strasburg should just change his name — it's just making it too easy. Or maybe he should just stop striking people out.