8 Ways Food Can Help You Stay Cool This Summer

According to all of this global warming talk, summer 2014 is gonna be a hot one. That may sound exciting now, but when the time comes, avoiding the heat will be a main priority. Here are some tips to stay cool this summer.

1. Add a lemon or lime to your glass of ice water to quench your thirst and refresh your taste buds. Try some of these citrus flavors too.


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2. This suggestion may take you by surprise...soup. Usually, after being outside in the scorching heat all day, the last thing you want for dinner is soup. But soup actually cools your body down from the inside out. Plus, broths are loaded with water which will help keep you hydrated.

3. Potassium-rich foods like bananas, potatoes and avocados can help prevent heat stroke. Incorporate one of these foods into your diet at least once a day.


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4. Skip the pickles for your next sandwich and go for cucumbers. They're cooling and don't have the added salt that can cause dehydration. Or, simply eat sliced cucumbers for a quick snack and you'll be cool as that cucumber in no time.


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5. Avoid coffee and tea. They are diuretics that heat up your body on the inside, exactly what we don't want this summer. You should also avoid sports drinks and sodas because they dehydrate you and disrupt your body's temperature mechanism.

6. Fruits are a pretty common option in the summer. They're a great way to curb that sweet tooth and maintain your bikini body. Go for some grapefruit, which is 90% water, or watermelon, which is 91% water. Grapefruits may be intimidating because they're hard to eat, but here's a tutorial on how to cut them.


Photo by Sean Koetting

7. Try experimenting with new herbs like mint, cayenne pepper and lemongrass. They actually decrease your internal body temperature by letting heat escape from your pores.


Photo by Sean Koetting

8. Another surprising one is spicy foods. They heat you up quickly but in the long term they will help to cool your body down. There's a reason why so many tropical regions of the world have spicy foods as a staple in their diets.

With these tips, you'll stay cool all summer long.

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