8 Ways to Eat More Honey Butter

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8 Ways to Eat More Honey Butter

1. On your regular morning oatmeal

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Nothing fancy. Just a pack of quick oats, a couple fresh berries and a drizzle of HB.

2. Drizzled over fresh berries

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Are you one of those people that can’t eat a big breakfast? Skip the oatmeal and toast and put the HB directly on some fresh fruit.

3. As a honey mustard dipping sauce for veggies or chips

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Honey butter can be used in (vaguely) healthy recipes too! Find the recipe here. Just use honey butter instead of regular honey.

4. On pancakes (simple pancake recipe here)

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No offense maple syrup.

5. Over ice cream (make it here with no ice cream machine)

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I’d stick to vanilla on this one.

6. As a honey mustard salad dressing

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Find the recipe here. Use honey butter instead of honey and add a pinch of paprika for a kick.

7. Simply on toast

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For those who appreciate the simpler things in life, or are just lazy.

8. And finally, as Whataburger intended, as a glaze for fried chicken

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For a healthier option, pan fry your chicken breast in some olive oil instead. It tastes (almost) as good.


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