8 Tips For Making The Best Grilled Cheese With Kids

To many families, a grilled cheese is more than a sandwich. It is the warming lunch that awaits a family after playing for hours in the snow. It is the comforting meal you have on a sick day home from school. A grilled cheese is a familiar dish that can evoke favorite memories of a year since passed.

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Shane Kearns, author of the the cookbook Melt: 100 Amazing Adventures in Grilled Cheese, knows a thing or two about the importance of grilled cheese. After all, it is a sandwich introduced in childhood that becomes a lifelong comfort food.

"Grilled cheese is very accessible because there are so many unique possibilities to be made," says Kearns. "There are so many different cheeses, breads and toppings that can encompass a grilled cheese sandwich. Therefore, this simple sandwich, can satisfy the palette of a picky eater all the way to a foodie; from child to adult."

It just also so happens to be one of the first things that a young chef learns how to cook.

"At its core, the grilled cheese sandwich is very simple to prepare and cook, highlighting very basic principles that all good chefs must know, no matter their age," explains Kearns. "From practicing using a stovetop and saute pan to perfecting knife skills and flipping a sandwich, children are then able to expand their skills and experiment with more advanced grilled cheese recipes. With these skills, the young chef will have the ability and knowledge to branch out and attempt new and unique creations."

And the "new and unique creations" are truly wide spread. In Kearns' book, he gives chefs both young and old and interesting variety of ways to cook this classic dish. To make sure you teach your little one how to make the perfect grilled cheese, we asked Kearns to give us some foolproof basics and kid friendly tips to help you guide the little one into making a delicious classic. To start your kitchen adventure, click through our slideshow and learn how to go gourmet with your family with the classic grilled cheese.