8 Thanksgiving Sandwiches to Eat Right Now in New York City

Thanksgiving is still months away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find it on a roll
Thanksgiving Sandwich
Arthur Bovino

Thanksgiving Sandwich

As explained in a recent Sandwich of the Week, there’s something about the Thanksgiving sandwich that seems to magically build on each of the individual elements, making it a completely different meal altogether from the traditional Thanksgiving plate. Sliced turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and mashed potatoes (if you’re lucky) all mashed together into a sandwich makes for a messy, sweet-savory meal that’s about as comforting as a sandwich can get. Add a cup of gravy on the side, and you’re in official sandwich heaven.

Here’s a list of eight killer Thanksgiving sandwiches that you can find in New York City year-round.

Amity Hall: This Greenwich Village bar has a menu that’s better than most, and items like tempura string beans, a wide variety of fry toppings and stuffed burgers, and breakfast pizza show some real creativity coming out of the kitchen. But if you’re in the mood for a sandwich, their Thanksgiving Dinner (oven-roasted turkey with onion-thyme stuffing, green apples, and cranberry-walnut mayo) is the way to go.

Angela’s Sandwich Shop: This cult favorite hidden away on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 58th Street serves a massive variety of sandwiches, but the Thanksgiving Dinner sandwich, with grilled fresh turkey breast, Cheddar cheese, cornbread stuffing, brown gravy, and cranberry sauce, is a masterpiece.

Carve: This unassuming sandwich shop that also happens to make some killer pizza has built up a reputation for its Thanksgiving sandwich: fresh-carved rotisserie turkey, apple stuffing, and cranberry mayo team up on a ciabatta roll, and the result is one of their top sellers.

Toasties: This sandwich shop mini-chain has six locations in the city, and while it’s an ideal lunchtime option, you might feel the need to take half of their Thanksgiving sandwich home for dinner. Fresh-roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and brown gravy hit all the right notes, and you can choose between 15 bread options and even more additional toppings (bacon and provolone? Why not!).

One Mile House:  This Lower East Side bar’s menu is full of some wacky creations, including bacon-Cheddar matzoh balls and wing sauce-topped burgers, but their Day After Thanksgiving Sandwich is no joke. Roasted turkey topped with gravy, onion-thyme stuffing, and cranberry sauce is a major fan favorite.

Mejlander & Mulgannon: This old-school, no-frills Bay Ridge deli makes a killer cold cut sandwich. They’re also masters of the art of the hot sandwich, and their Thanksgiving Hero comes with fresh-roasted turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayo.

Harding’s: This Flatiron newcomer is about as far from a sandwich shop as you can get, and they’ve elevated the Thanksgiving sandwich to gourmet status. Their "Giving Thanks" uses smoked turkey on a crusty roll, and partners it with cranberry sauce and both stuffing and mashed potatoes. A bowl of gravy on the side makes this Thanksgiving sandwich one of the city’s best.


‘sNice: Even if you’re looking to go the vegan route, there’s a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich out there for you, courtesy of ‘sNice, which has locations in the Village and Park Slope. This one comes with Tofurky, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, gravy, and cranberry relish.