8 Summer Bar Essentials

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The ultimate bar tools and spirits for summer cocktails

The essential bar tools and spirits you need for summer cocktails.

Oh summer, let us count the ways we love you: margaritas, mojitos, tiki cocktails, sangria, the list goes on and on. But to prepare for all the cocktails you’ll be making this summer, you’re going to need to prep your home bar.

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Of course, the necessary bar tools for summer aren’t that different than the ones you need year-round. But now’s the time to whip out the bar tools — and spirits — that are essential for the fruit-based cocktails that you drink in the warmer months. When else will you whip up more margaritas than in the summer?

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We took a hard look at our home bar to see what was really missing, and most needed, during the summer months. What we came up with was a handy list of the bar tools to look for, and the spirits you might forget you need for summer cocktails. We promise, this will only make summer cocktail mixology more fun. Click ahead for a shopping list of the summer bar essentials.