8 Snack-Happy Trail Mix Recipes

Down under, it's called scroggin. In Germany, it is known as studentenfutter. Back in the USA, we call it trail mix or GORP — good old raisins and peanuts ('gobs of raw protein' for others)!

This delicious, high-energy snack is packed with protein and other nutrients that will keep you fueled for hours. Whether you are hiking up a mountain, going for a jog, or just need to get through a long day at school or work, trail mix is easy to pack and is a healthy alternative to the mid-afternoon candy bar when you're in need of an energy boost.

Traditional trail mix can be store-bought or made at home. Snack on it plain, or incorporate it into fun and delicious recipes the whole family will love. Here are some of our snack-time favorites.


Trail Mix Muffins

These tasty breakfast muffins are easy to make (only 15 minutes to prepare) and are perfect to grab for a nutritious snack when you're on the go.



Trail Mix Cookies

What could be better than an energizing snack baked into soft, gooey cookies? These trail mix cookies are a guaranteed crowd pleaser and are sure to disappear from the cookie jar in minutes.


Trail Mix Granola Bars

Love reaching for granola or trail mix bars when in need of a snack? Now you can make your own using this quick and easy recipe.


Low-Fat Trail Mix

Trail mix is full of healthy fats, protein, and nutrients but store-bought mix can often be too high in sugar and sodium. To avoid the extra calories and salt, try this low-fat, trail mix recipe that is big on flavor.


Trail Mix Clusters

These tasty treats, as the recipe says, "couldn't be more guilt-free." They might look like (and taste like) gourmet chocolates, they're also healthful. Kids love them sprinkled on ice cream, dipped in milk, or by themselves as a snack. You can also wrap them in a decorative container or bag as a great gift for any occasion!


Spanish Trail Mix

This unique, delicious way of preparing trail mix combines smoked paprika, chorizo, and Manchego cheese for a surprising symphony of savory flavors that your family will love.


Rice Krispies Trail Mix Treats

You would not believe that these creative crispy rice treats only take ten minutes to prepare! The peanut butter, raisins, and sunflower seeds are a surprisingly tasty addition when combined with sweet marshmallows and rice cereal.


Make-Your-Own Trail Mix

Are you a fan of the traditional mix of raisins and nuts? Make your own with your favorite ingredients! Common ingredients include nuts (like peanuts, cashews, and almonds), sunflower seeds, granola, shredded coconut, dried fruit (apricots, pineapple rings, cranberries, raisins) chocolate chips, M&M's, carob chips, and pretzels. Be creative and throw in your favorite breakfast cereal, sweet sauces (like chocolate or caramel), slices of fruit, or candy! Trail mix also makes a great topping for yogurt, ice cream, or frozen yogurt!

This story was originally published October 24, 2014.