8 Shots and Bombs

Recipes for shots and bombs that will crank your party up

The shot has so many different connotative and nostalgic meanings for every person. For me, it’s not only a way to enjoy a spirit on its own, but it is a celebratory drink as well. Birthdays, graduations, weddings — all of these can be toasted with a healthy-sized shot of whatever you like. Above all else, a shot is just a fun way to have a drink. After a tray of shots is presented, the party can really start!

Whether you are trying to get a drink down quickly or attempting to channel your inner fraternity brother, selecting a shot is a much more casual drink order than a traditional cocktail. A cocktail takes time and, if done well, creativity. A traditional shot is simple, one note, classic.

Whereas the shot is traditionally just a single spirit, a bomb is a little more involved. There are a variety to choose from, from the Irish Car Bomb to the Sake Bomb (recipes below). For anyone who likes a stiff drink and likes to drink it quickly, a shot or a bomb is absolute perfection.

Below are some great shot and bomb recipes for your next pregame party, tailgate party, or any party! We’ve got some great mixed shots as well as traditional bomb recipes, with some new ones too! Cheers and happy shooting!

Click here for the Pickle Back, Apple Jack Shot, Irish Car Bomb, and more recipes. 

— Sara Kay, The Spir.it