8 Prime Destinations for the Solo Traveler

Where to go when you’re hitting the open road on your own

(Photo Modified: flickr/alexisfisher)

Let’s first tackle the concerns and hesitations about traveling solo. Safety issues, handling language barriers, and having to dine out alone are all things that could keep us all from hitting the road alone. But the benefits — being on your own schedule, eating what you want where you want, and feeling totally independent — can outweigh any negative connotations. Plus, the solo traveler gets to temporarily escape from the hustle of the everyday and go exactly and only where they want.

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Of course, traveling on one’s own isn’t for everyone. The trick is to plan ahead — make sure you choose a safe place, plan great activities to keep you busy, do some research on all the great things to taste, think of somewhere with friendly locals and a communal vibe, and suck up any insecurities about talking to strangers because they’re the ones with the best tips; the hotel concierge, friendly bartender, and local standing in line for something that looks and smells delicious are all the best impromptu tour guides.


Certain destinations are better for solo travelers than others, depending on language barriers, easy-to-understand currency, built-in activities, or food so good you’ll forget you’re sitting there on your own. Ideal solo destinations don’t need to be too far flung, either — Austin and Portland are both dynamic, charming places to spend a few days alone. But international destinations from Belize to Dublin make for safe, mouthwatering, friendly, and relaxing getaways for anyone looking to get out on their own. If retelling the glory of your own travel successes and laughing at your own trip-ups sounds like the right kind of holiday for you, read on for the eight prime solo destinations.