8 Perfect Pretzel Party Pairings

You hang up the phone and stare off into space, panic slowing bubbling up in your throat. You completely forgot your in-laws were coming the weekend, and we don't just mean your partner's parents. We are talking a full-fledged family reunion, one with a ton of random cousins and their kids. Your house has to be cleaned, your table needs to be set, and your menu has to be prepped.

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The good news is if your home is just a stop on their journey, you can treat this like a fun, impromptu party. The best way to do that is to think about your menu realistically. You need something delicious and impressive, and you need it fast.

Finding inspiration for a party doesn't have to be an impossible task. Turning to favorite household snacks for a little head start is a great way to give guests a snack like you never have before. No longer is a chip or pretzel destined to just sit in a bowl for arbitrary snacking. With a trusted chip, you can transform any appetizer into a posh mini meal.

Combining the salty crunch of a snack like Pretzel Crisps with the decadence of a chocolate strawberry or the heartiness of a mini po'boy can transform the way you look at simple snacks. From the delicious duck seared breast bites to the simple taste of a mini "deli" sandwich, we found some inventive ways to enjoy these party staples. So don't get stressed about unexpected guests, welcome them with a tasty plate featuring one of these simple recipes!