8 Must-Try Wines From Chile

Experience all Chile has to offer

So, I spent a week in Chile and this is all I can come up with? A list of eight wines. What a slacker!

Truth be told, I have several lists in the works, all with many more than eight wines on them, but I wanted to get the ball rolling while the wines are still fresh in my mind. These are eight wines that really stood out during my recent tastings in Chile. Some are great values, others simply awesome, but all are worth a look.

In case you aren’t familiar with Chilean wines, I can honestly say they are totally worth checking out, both literally and figuratively. The wines are solid with significant regional variation throughout the country, leading to a wonderful diversity of variety and style. And the prices, well, most of them, should make many of their competitors blush, particularly when you take into account the very high quality of almost all of the wines I was fortunate enough to taste.

There will be upcoming in-depth articles about some of the wines, but let’s kick things off with eight Chilean wines you don’t want to miss. Forgive me if these are difficult to track down — some are pretty rare while others are new releases in Chile, meaning they could take some time to reach our shores.

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— Gregory Dal Piaz, Snooth