8 Most Pointless Carbs

Going out of the way to go over the top with pointless carbs
Mashed potato pizza from Bru Room at Bar in New Haven, Conn.
Arthur Bovino

Mashed potato pizza from Bru Room at Bar in New Haven, Conn.

My grandfather’s favorite treat was a bread sandwich. After my grandmother finished cooking the bacon, he’d pounce on the drippings with a slice of white bread in hand, soak it in the bacon fat and then eat it between two other slices of bread. Now that, grandpa, was a pointless carb. Delicious, sure, but totally excessive.

We are all masters of our belly’s domain, and this isn’t about food policing, but when you have a mind towards eating healthy, those delicious, mood-enhancing carbs can be diet enemy number one. Not all carbs are unhealthy of course — most fruits and legumes contain carbohydrates, but are nutritious and necessary for a balanced diet.

Nutrition experts generally advocate not eating too many of the “white” carbs, like potato and foods with bleached flour, but we love our French fries and hamburger rolls as much as the next person. But everything in moderation, right?

Recently it seems like restaurants and fast-food chains are going out of their way to tempt us to pile on the carbs, combining them in one dish in ever-creative ways, like Friendly’s grilled cheese burger or Domino’s Pasta Breadbowl. Wait, a heaping serving of pasta inside a soft, doughy loaf of bread? Pasta, no problem; bread, OK cool. But together in one dish? One of these combined forces is kind of pointless. (Or delicious?) Tell us what you think below.


Domino’s Breadbowl Pasta

Lucky for you, there are six different combinations of cheese-covered pasta nestled cozily in a loaf of bread, including 3 Cheese Mac-N-Cheese. Thank goodness the chicken in the Chicken Alfredo and Chicken Carbonara versions is grilled and 100% white meat. (Photo courtesy of Domino's)


Mashed Potato Pizza

One of our editors is a huge fan, but New Haven’s Bru Room mashed potato pizza is a matter of pointless carbs. Like he says, “Ah, the ol’ doubling up on starch move.” (Photo courtesy of Arthur Bovino)


Bobby’s Burger Palace Crunchburger

Even Iron Chefs are getting in on it. Bobby Flay crunchifies his burgers with a pile of potato chips smushed inside the bun at his five-location BBP chain. There’s cheese on it too, for all of you protein fans. (Photo courtesy of Arthur Bovino)