8 More Amazing Margarita Recipes from the Culinary Content Network

We turn to the experts in our Culinary Content Network for even more great margarita recipes

The best margarita recipes.

It's National Margarita Day, which means that we're ready to clink our margarita glasses to our friends and connoisseurs of the margarita (at 5 p.m., of course...). And who else would we turn to for more variations on the classic margarita than The Daily Meal's Culinary Content Network?

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Our group of margarita experts have some exciting new takes on the margarita — one made with Izze Soda and clementines, one mango and blood orange margarita, one hibiscus-infused tequila and limeade margarita, and more. What we especially love are the more nontraditional takes on margaritas, like tequila-soaked watermelon bites (which are making us wish it were summer), and a strawberry margarita cupcake (wow). 


There's no shortage of ways to update your margarita, and we're happy to highlight our favorites from our Culinary Content Network. Click here to see the margarita recipes we love — and can't wait to make tonight.