8 Memorable Food Scenes from 'Peanuts'

Good old Charlie Brown and the gang gave us some amazing memories of cartoon foods

Check out what food scenes we love from the 'Peanuts' gang.

At 27 years old, army veteran and cartoonist Charles M. Schulz never could have imaged that he’d create a four-panel cartoon that would be celebrated nationwide for more than 60 years. But when the Peanuts gang appeared in seven newspapers on the morning of Oct. 2, 1950, an entire country was captivated by Charlie Brown and his gang of friends.

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We fell in love with the bald-headed boy with bad luck and waited all week to see what adventures he and his whip-smart friends and silly dog would get into. It wasn’t long after their debut when the Peanuts gang appeared in their first animation series for the Tennessee Ernie Ford Show sponsored by Ford Motors. The first feature film was the now Christmas classic A Charlie Brown Christmas in 1965. To this day we wait for Peanuts holiday specials to air, and fall in love with the quirky kids all over again. 

We have no trouble at all recalling some of the more iconic scenes from Peanuts, like Lucy pulling away the football from Charlie Brown or Snoopy’s famous Red Baron scene. But while the gang has gotten into plenty of scuffles around football and other fun adventures, they also have plenty of fun food scenes for us to reminisce about as well. Who could forget Snoopy pulling together a wacky Thanksgiving dinner or Charlie Brown eating lunch all by his lonesome self? The gang even had their shot at endorsements, with great food commercials and adorable appearances on food labels.


Take a walk down memory lane with us and check out some of the funny moments the Peanuts crew had with food that will warm your nostalgic heart in no time!