8 Ice Pop Flavors You Didn't Know Existed

When summer approaches and the weather starts to get a bit balmy, the go-to cool-down treat is ice cream. And while ice cream will certainly do the trick, there's something about an ice-cold pop that seems even cooler.

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The food-loving world seems to be catching onto the virtues of frozen pops, as more and more shops and trucks are dedicating their entire menus to them. But this list is not about recognizing the everyday ice pop — it's about noting those spots that are serving up the most outrageous and uniquely flavored ones in the country. 

Surely, rice pudding with raisins or persimmon pudding seem like fairly pedestrian (though extremely delicious) desserts, but when frozen and served on a stick they seem exotic and innovative. And some ice pop-makers are pushing the envelope by experimenting with combinations of flavors that are interesting and exciting, like Thai tea and sweet potato, or strawberries and goat cheese.

So the next time you're in the mood for a classic Creamsicle, consult this collection for inspired options from frozen pop shops across the country. Think we missed your favorite outrageous ice pop flavor? Leave a comment below with your picks.