8 Hotels for the Traveling Beer Geek

Where tired beer geeks rest their heads
Beers on tap

Beers on tap

#5 Hops Hollow, South Africa

South African wines have been well regarded for years now, and yet it’s still a rare South African beer that garners much attention beyond its country of origin. Northeast of Pretoria and not far from the Mozambique border though, a little brewpub called Hops Hollow has been doing its part to promote craft beer since 2001.

The plan is simple: drop your pack off in one of three roomy suites, head to the bar for a pint of ruby-colored Mac’s Porter, and find a seat from which to admire views of Mount Anderson, one of the most scenic peaks in the northern Escarpment.

#6 Shakespeare Brewery and Hotel, New Zealand

New Zealand is perhaps most famous for its numerous outdoor pursuits. Yet, anyone who has tuned in to the Discovery Channel’s show Brew Masters probably knows that this remote island nation doesn’t lack for extreme indoor activities either.

As the largest city, Auckland on the North Island is a good place to begin nearly any beer expedition, and the country’s first brewpub, the Shakespeare Brewery and Hotel is an equally fitting base of operations. The rates are reasonable (especially in the winter, when it’s stay for two nights, pay for one), the location favorable, and the beers, like Old Gobbo’s Nice Vice, are exceptional. (Photo courtesy of Sids1)

#7 Swan’s Boutique Art Hotel, British Columbia

When it comes to sudsy destinations, the Pacific Northwest definitely attracts a large amount of attention. Of course, the excellent beers coming out of Oregon and Washington have a lot to do with this fact. But just across the border in British Columbia, Canadian brewers are keeping things plenty interesting, too.

Case in point: Swan’s Boutique Art Hotel. Not only did Swans Coconut Porter win the Gold Medal for best Fruit & Vegetable beer at the 2010 Canadian Brewing Awards, they also offer every guest a taster of their award-winning beer along with discounted breakfast the next morning. How’s that for North American generosity?

#8 Fredericksburg Brewing Company, Texas

Texas might not seem like beer country to drinkers on either coast, but between Austin and San Antonio a healthy number of craft brewers have appeared in the last decade. In fact, one of them, the Fredericksburg Brewing Company in the town of the same name, is quickly approaching legal drinking age — they first opened their doors in 1994.

Plus, above the welcoming brewpub on East Main Street, 11 air-conditioned rooms offer more than just a good night’s sleep. Book your Hill Country stay at Fredericksburg, and receive a complimentary four-beer sampler. (Photo courtesy of Sean Mason)


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