9 Thanksgiving Toasts — Classic, Modern, and a Little Wacky

Here’s to giving a toast that no one will be able to forget
Patriotic family


Cheers to a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is not only a day for consuming a massive meal; it’s also a day for family, togetherness, and expressing gratitude. There’s no better way to communicate the attendant emotions than by addressing your fellow diners with a toast before everybody digs into Thanksgiving dinner.

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Whether you’re the host of the day or just happen to find yourself at the head of the table, giving a Thanksgiving toast can seem like an order much taller than your filled glass. Do you want to be funny? Are you thinking of channeling your family’s love of football? Is your goal to give a sentimental holiday message that is sure to make mom grab for the tissues?

No matter what the vibe is at your dinner table, we’ve compiled some quotes to help you get started. So break out the pen and paper, and raise your glass. Here’s to giving a toast that no one will be able to forget!


Additional reporting by Lauren Gordon.