8 Great Rum Bars

Certain spirits seem to evoke a particular imagery — a specific type of atmosphere and setting in which they should be enjoyed.

A whiskey, neat, in a dark, less-than-clean bar sprinkled with hardened characters. Some gin- or vodka-based concoction in a space as chic and polished as its clientele. And rum? A place that specializes in drinks made with this liquor should recall warm winds, islands of tanned splendor, small palm-leaf shacks, and imperialist mansions. In a land like this, rum is king.

Rum has been enjoying a renaissance and rediscovery of sorts in popular drinking culture — close on the heels of the wave of re-appreciation for tequila and mezcal that swept over the bar scene. Just as, seemingly overnight, tequila went from cheap, grimace-inducing shot to boutique artisanal product to be savored, rum now too is being given its due respect. From light silvers to aged, smoky, dark rums, there are countless exciting variations to be experienced. The best place to do so? At one of the many fantastic rum-centric bars across the country, where you can be sure to find more than mojitos and daquiris on the menu.

From New York City and San Francisco to Las Vegas and Pheonix, these bars not only maintain a well curated menu of "demon water," they also feature carefully crafted settings befitting of the many sides of this historically relevant drink.

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