Snow Village SnowHotel: Finland from 8 Frosty Ice Hotels Slideshow

8 Frosty Ice Hotels Slideshow


Snow Village SnowHotel: Finland


In Ylläsjärvi, Finland, Snow Village's SnowHotel has 15 design-conscious rooms complete with warmed floors, saunas, fireplaces, colorful lights throughout, and sleeping conditions so cozy, you'll forget the walls are made of ice. Guests wake up to hot berry juices at breakfast, served in the warm Log restaurant, and dine on fresh seafood at dinner in the Icebar.

Hôtel de Glace: Canada

Courtesy of Hôtel de Glace

A mere 10 minutes from Quebec City, the Hôtel de Glace seems much farther off the grid. It's large, with intimate igloo rooms and themed suites (like the Jazz and Hockey suites), a "Grand Slide," chapel, Ice Café, and an Ice Bar that is filled with guests suited up in puffy coats and snug scarves.

Kirkenes Snowhotel: Norway

Courtesy of the Kirkenes Hotel

The wintry Kirkenes Snowhotel in Norway is lined with animal skins, lit by votive candles, and offers frosty (or hot) cocktails to guests decked out in thick coats. Visitors can see the Northern Lights, too — they'll give you a wake-up call if they're visible. Their Gabba Restaurant, with a large fireplace in the middle of a circular room, serves freshly caught fish like cod and arctic char alongside reindeer meat and hearty sides.

Lake Balea Ice Hotel: Romania

Courtesy of the Lake Balea Ice Hotel

Romania may have hot beaches, but the Lake Balea Ice Hotel in the Fagaras Mountains tends to stay between two degrees below and above zero. You'll find little in the hotel that's not made of ice — drinks at the Ice Bar are served in glasses made of ice, plates in the restaurant are carved from ice blocks, and, of course, the beds are a mixture of ice and snow, though they're covered in reindeer skins and specially designed sleeping bags.

Chena Hot Springs Resort: Alaska

Flickr/Carl Chapman

Boasting the Aurora Ice Museum on-site, the Chena Hot Springs Resort is the only ice hotel in the U.S. You can choose to spend an afternoon, evening, or a full night in the ice hotel, where parkas and snow boots are provided for guests who stay awhile, as are ice-cold cocktails. Of course, days are spent in the region's natural healing waters and dinners are taken in the warm log restaurant, where local Alaskan ingredients are highlighted.


Courtesy of the ICEHOTEL

Now in its 22nd year, Sweden's ICEHOTEL is the world's largest ice hotel, offering plenty for guests to see and do in both summer and winter. See the Northern Lights, go snowmobiling or skiing, learn about harvesting ice, or go river rafting and ice fishing, followed by an indulgent and authentic Scandinavian dinner in their restaurant or a hearty and cheek-warming glass of red wine in the bar.

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel: Norway

Courtesy of the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

With icy chandeliers and crystal clear ice sculptures, Norway's Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is a luxury hotel, despite being carved out of ice and snow. They offer snowmobile safaris, riverboat excursions, dog sledding, and a chance to see the Northern Lights, alongside mouthwatering Nordic cuisine like smoked reindeer with sour apple salad, salmon in an herbal liquor, and hazelnut-coated arctic char with mussels and root vegetables.

Iglu-Dorf: Switzerland

Courtesy of Iglu-Dorf hotel

With seven locations in the Alps, the Iglu-Dorf hotel has more of an adventurous, Eskimo feel than that of a high-end hotel made of ice. To keep guests warm and well-fed, the hotel serves hearty fondues and heaping plates of spaghetti, washed down with mulled wine, hot teas, and all kinds of homemade "punch."